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• Lower rates

• Local control

• Same reliable service

What is Community Choice Energy?

• How does it work?
• What are the benefits?
• What if I have more questions?
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CCE at home

• How will CCE affect electricity use in my home?
• Will PG&E’s discount programs still apply?
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It’s already working across the state

• Sonoma County
• Marin County
• San Mateo County
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CCE for your business

• How will CCE affect my business?
• What if I have solar panels on the roof?
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Opt Up

• Step up to 100% renewable energy
• It costs only $0.01/kWh more

Opt Out

• Want to remain a PG&E bundled customer?
• It’s easy to Opt Out, with no fees

How it works

RCEA procures electricity and feeds it into the grid, for your use at home or at your business. PG&E provides service and maintains the lines, as they always have.
What are my choices and what is the difference?
In May 2017, you will automatically be transitioned to
our REpower service—40% renewable energy
(higher renewable content than PG&E’s energy, at a lower cost).
If you want to max out on renewable energy, you can sign up for REpower+.
This option is 100% renewable, with even lower carbon emissions than our standard REpower service, at a slightly higher price.

What will it mean for me?

People are talking about Community Choice Energy and the benefits it’s bringing to Humboldt County.

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Can I be a part of it?

If you live in one of these cities or in unincorporated Humboldt County, you can be part of Community Choice Energy starting in May 2017.

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RCEA está desarrollando un programa de Opción Comunitaria de Energía para el condado de Humboldt.

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