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If your business is located in Humboldt County, you’ll be automatically transitioned to RCEA’s Community Choice Energy program in May 2017. Our cleaner energy will help you meet your business sustainability goals, and our prices will help your bottom line.
(Ferndale businesses are not eligible to participate at this time.)

You have the power to choose with RCEA’s Community Choice Energy program:

  • Stay with our default electricity service called REpower, which costs slightly less than PG&E and contains a slightly higher percentage of renewable energy.
  • Opt up to our premium service called REpower+, which is 100% renewable energy for only one cent more per kWh than our standard REpower service.
  • Opt out of the program and remain a “bundled customer” of PG&E.

The choice is yours. There’s absolutely no fee to opt up, or to opt out.

If you have a solar system on your building and are currently a Net Energy Metering customer with PG&E, you’ll continue in RCEA’s Net Energy Metering program. We'll credit or pay you at favorable rates for any surplus electricity you produce.

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RCEA está desarrollando un programa de Opción Comunitaria de Energía para el condado de Humboldt.

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