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Net Energy Metering

As a Net Energy Metering customer you’ll save money when you need power and make money when you have power to sell back to the grid. You won’t have to do anything to get started. The rate RCEA pays for your surplus energy will be higher than that paid by PG&E.

Customers with NEM true-up dates in February, March, April and May will be automatically enrolled in RCEA’s NEM program when it launches in May.  Customers with later true-up dates will be enrolled on dates that correspond more closely to their true-up dates.

PG&E will automatically true-up your account when you are enrolled with us to avoid any loss of credits you may have earned. PG&E will continue to true-up annually for charges related to transmission and distribution.

If you are a net producer in any given month, our NEM program will pay you a premium of $0.01 per kWh for excess electricity. If you are a net consumer, the rate we charge for electricity will be slightly lower than PG&E as detailed on the Rates webpage.

RCEA will provide a true-up every month so you can better track your solar performance. Customers who have accrued credits during previous billing cycles will see these credits applied against current charges. Plus, there is no time limit; your NEM credits don’t expire.

If you have a credit balance of more than $100 at the end of your annual cycle, you can request a cash-out and we’ll send you a check.

Click here to see our rate information for grid-connected customers with solar or other renewable energy systems.

Watch this space for upcoming programs you’ll be able to take advantage of as a CCE customer.

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